Our Journal

The society has closed, and no longer exists or publishes a journal: however, on-line items from past journals are listed here. Links to them are shown on the right, with date of publication: click on the title to view the article.



Date Title
April 2013 Loose Connection No 4
April 2013 Australian Way
March 2012 Albert Edward Hoye
March 2012 The Melbourn / Melbourne Question
July 2011 The Coat Hanger
July 2011 Grandma's Aprons
April 2011 More on the Coulson Family
April 2011 Harrow School Census
April 2011 Full Circle
November 2010 Croydon-cum-Clopton Worthies
August 2010 Coprolite digging
August 2010 Cambridgeshire convicts
April 2010 Christopher Johns
April 2010 Unburied child
April 2010 Grace Spencer
August 2009 Huguenot Library
August 2009 Family Darlow
April 2009 Horse racing in Royston
April 2009 Maria Jarman
April 2009 Kindness of strangers
August 2008 Changing face of Royston
April 2008 Wife each end of M1
April 2008 Focus on Whaddon
April 2008 Wedyngs, and other things
April 2008 POW camp29
April 2008 Family research
April 2008 Domestic at Wimpole
April 2008 Brick wall
December 2007 The Lost convict
December 2007 Will of a 17th Century Wheeler Dealer
August 2007 Mary, Mary quite contrary
April 2007 It pays to keep looking
April 2007 William Goates, Sen
April 2007 John Green, Convict from Whaddon
April 2007 Focus on Whaddon


Royston and District Family History Society