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April 2011

Full Circle (Extract)

Jean Harrison

Over the past couple of years, I have been looking into my Dad's family history (With Maureen's help) I have to admit I haven't spent as much time on it as I would like (it’s one of those things you think you will have time for when you retire!) I wanted to research my Dad's family (BROAD) partly because they were the more 'colourful' side of the family. My Dad never spoke much about his parents whom I never knew, but I remember him saying how he and his siblings moved about a lot to avoid the rent man. His Dad, my Grandfather, was the South London Bare Knuckle boxing champion. The other reason for choosing my Dad's over my Mum's (Coulson) was that a distant cousin had already done that one, be it in the days before the Internet so it involved a lot of leg work. Hers is the one I thought members might find interesting.

I was born (BROAD) in South London as were all my immediate family. My husband Mike (HARRISON) was born in North London as were all his family. We moved to Cheshunt when we married. Back in 1991 a cousin got in touch with me to say she and her sister had just finished the Coulson family tree, and would I like a copy? Yes of course I would! When it arrived it was quite impressive especially as it was all handwritten accompanied by lots of comprehensive typed notes.....................


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