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April 2010

Christopher John x 4

Eddie John, member No. 232

ChristopherJohnscirca1857A thread developed in the Daily Telegraph letters page last summer looking for the earliest born person in a photograph. I submitted a copy of the attached photo which is a copy I have of a photo showing four generations of Christopher JOHN, the oldest of whom was born ca, 1767 making him about 90 when the photo was taken about 1857. However the thread went back quite quickly, overtaking my photo, and finished ultimately with a photo of Hannah Gorby from the USA born about 1746.

In returning to my photo, each Christopher JOHN was a farmer in Glamorgan. The eldest, my 4 x great-grandfather (ggf), was at City Farm Bettws in 1851. The next, my 3 x ggf, was at Shwt Isha Farm Bettws in 1851 but later had Blaencrymlin Farm, Coychurch. The next, my 2 x ggf, was at Buartha Farm, Blackmill in 1861 and the youngest in the photo, my ggf's elder brother, was later to take on Ynyslas Uchaf Farm, St Bride's Minor. Apart from the first Christopher who was the last born child, each of the others was the first born and two more Christophers were subsequently to follow this line.

I know a cousin of mine who worked in a photographic developing company produced the copy I have, (sometime about 1955) but now have no knowledge of what type of photograph the copy was made from or where the original might now be. I sought advice, at one of the London Family History events, of a well-known photo expert who placed the date of the photo as approx. 1854-7 and I like to think it would have been taken to commemorate the 90th birthday of my 4 x ggf.


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