April 2007

William Goates, Snr.

Brian Mitchell

WilliamGoatesSnrAs promised at the Christmas buffet, I am now able to let you have a copy of the photograph of William Goates, 1817-1895, who was mentioned in the article on the Whaddon Mormans in the December Journal. The photo came indirectly from Ken Goates, one of William's descendants who still lives in Utah, USA, to where William, together with his wife Susan Larkins, emigrated in 1852.

Following from this, I find my experiences similar to those related by Vivien Dalling, again in the December issue. As in her case, I am London born and bred and, apart from a small knowledge of Kempston, Bedfordshire, where my maternal grandfather's family came from, I had no information concerning the other branches of my family. It therefore, after moving to Melbourn in 1997, came as a great surprise when I started to research my family tree last year, to discover from the 1901 census that my maternal grandmother, Ada Sabey, was born in Meldreth in 1873, being the daughter of Abraham Sabey (Croydon 1840) and Charlotte Goates (Arrington 1845). I thus find myself related to William Goates through Charlotte, whose father James (Wimpole 1812) was one of his older brothers. This web stretches even further in that James (1812) father, James (1773 Wimpole) was the older brother of Morris Goates (Wimpole 1791) who, in turn , was the father of Sarah Goates (1819-1848) the wife of John Jacklin, also referred to in the article on the Whaddon Mormons. So, from being just a London "boy" I have, after more than seventy years, come back to my roots which are so deep in the soils of South Cambridgeshire.

These roots go even deeper with my connection to the Sabey/Seaboy family through my maternal grandmother, Ada (1873). Ada's father, Abraham, was the son of William Sabey/Seaboy (Ashwell C1796) and Mary Tate of Potton. It was with some amusement that I found a reference to this, not to distinguished, part of my family in the Rev. Francis Fulford's Speculum Gregis of 1843. To which I was directed by Avril. He states that

"He (William) can't read, he works for Mr. Pearman. She (Mary) can read a little. They have no kindred here, were married in Ashwell where the eldest children were Christened; the three youngest in Croydon Church. He was a widower, she a widow before, and has two daughters by her first husband out at service. They are not very tidy or respectable people. -- Drink."

The later note by the Rev, Sandilands in 1848 "One of her daughters by the first husband is now at home with a bastard child" Rev Fulford also reports that the two older (Seaboy) boys were dismissed from the Sunday School-

"These were very disorderly boys who had been used to always do as they pleased before I came, and would not submit to discipline and disturbed the School"

Although I have not yet been able to confirm the facts, it is more than likely that at least one of these "disorderly boys" found himself interred in the Castle Hill Gaol Cambridge where, in 1851, he is described as a criminal. Not exactly what you would like to hear about the family!


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